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More details have been revealed about the U.S. remake of In Order of Disappearance, which will be titled Hard Powder.

The Hollywood Reporter released an article that outlined more information about the film, which will also be directed by Hans Petter Moland.

Hard Powder will star Liam Neeson, and will be set in the Rocky Mountains. Neeson plays Nels (the Norwegian character was called Nils), who is an  uptight snowplow driver in a Colorado ski town. His life is turned upside down when his son is murdered by a powerful local drug kingpin. He seeks to dismantle the cartel, but his vengeful crusade sparks a turf war between a Viking gangster and a Native American mafia boss.

The action-thriller will be produced by European group Studiocanal and producer Michael Shamberg.Studiocanal will fully finance the feature, and distribute it in its home territories of the U.K., Germany, France and Australia/New Zealand, and also introduce it to other territories’ buyers at the Berlin Film Festival. The screenplay is by Frank Baldwin. No release date has been announced.


What do you think of a U.S. remake of the film?