More about the Nordic Producers on the Move

A few days ago we posted a short announcement for the Nordic Producers on the Move heading to Cannes. Just today, the Nordisk Film & TV Fund has released a much better description. See it here or below:

For the first time the European Film Promotion’s Producers on the Move in Cannes has restricted its number of participants to 20 up and coming producers and five of them are from the Nordic region.

Denmark’s Katja Adomeit worked six years for Zentropa before setting up Adomeit Film  in 2012. Her first film as producer was The Weight of Elephants which premiered in Berlin 2013. The same year her company produced Anna Eborn’s Pine Ridge, Best Nordic Documentary in Gothenburg and the hybrid film Not at Home which she co-directed with Afghan director Shahrbanoo Sadat.As co-producer, Adomeit has worked as freelancer on Ruben Östlund’s Force Majeure. She is currently involved in the documentary Winter Buoy by Frida Kempff.

Finland’s Mikko Tenhunen started as a screenwriter for television before producing the comedy FC Venus, The Novelist, Backwood Philosopher and Body of Water. In 2014, he joined Mjölk Movies -film division of the advertising company Mjölk – jointly run by Mjölk CEO Yrjö Nieminen and director Aleksi Salmenperä. The director’s latest feature, the comedy Distractions based on a play will soon be delivered as well Mikko Kuparinen’s English language debut 2 Nights Till Morning starring Marie-Josée Croze.

Heather Millard based in Iceland joined Spier Films in 2007 to run their London sales office. In 2009 she moved to Iceland where she became partner in Compass Films Iceland and Spier Films Iceland. She co-produced South-African director Jahmil X.T.Qubeka’s award-winning Of Good Report and Thorkell Hardarson & Orn Marino Arnarson’s documentary Trend Beacons. She is currently in postproduction with David Kinsella’s hybrid feature The Wall and in production with Kristin Olafsdottir and Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir’s documentary INNSÆI.

Norway’s Kjetil Omberg spent 15 years in film distribution –including five years at Sandrew Metronome Norway as Head of Publicity, before moving into production with Tappeluft Pictures, specialising in genre movies. Since 2010 he has produced 15 films and TV dramas including Tommy Wirkola’s Dead Snow and Dead Snow: Red vs Dead, the TV series Hellfjord and comedy Tina & Bettina –The Movie. Currently MD of Tappeluft and Nordisk Superfilm, Omberg has Ole Endresen’s comedy The Wendy Effect in post and Wirkola’s international action adventure The Saga About Olaf Sledgehammer in development.

Sweden’s Annika Rogell has collaborated for various established production companies such as Memfis, Garagefilm International and Filmlance. In 2009 she started working for the documentary outfit Story where she produced Göran Hugo Olsson’s award-winning films The Black Power Mixtape 1967 – 1975 and Concerning Violence. For her own company Tangy, she has produced Sanna Lenken’s debut feature My Skinny Sister, Crystal Bear at Berlin Generation KPlus 2015.

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.