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Mille Dinesen and Troels Lyby in new thriller



Director and screenwriter Bo Mikkelsen is making his feature film debut with Sorgenfri which is about a family of four whose life takes a drastic turn when a mysterious virus breaks out in the city. From one day to the next, it’s up to the family to survival, and the question is whether their unity is strong enough to weather the crisis.

Bo Mikkelsen lives in the small North Zealand town Sorgenfri where the movie is being recorded. He is behind a number of award-winning short and shorts.

“I am so proud that we have secured such strong names in the cast and delighted extremely much to get started. Sorgenfri is a horror film that focuses on personal things, to family, neighbours and friends in an small residential street in Sorgenfri. It’s about what happens when everything we take for granted is suddenly taken from us. As we turned to when we are pushed to the limit? ”  said Bo Mikkelsen.

The film’s adult roles played by Mille Dinesen and Troels Lyby. In the other roles, testified by Benjamin Engell and Marie Boda.

“Sorgenfri” is produced by Sara Namer of Meta Movies 8.5 million. million in production support from the Danish Film Institute by film consultant Rasmus Horskjær.

trans. from Danish Film Institute