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LOUDER THAN BOMBS title changed for French audiences


Louder Than Bombs

The French distribution company Memento Films Distribution has changed the name of Joachim Trier’s Louder Than Bombs due to a concern that the audience will link the film to terrorism. The new title for the film is Back HomeEkkoFilm reports.


“It’s not a film about the attacks by the former title could lead people to believe, or a militant film, but rather a melancholy film. We would find a title that is gentler and, above all, more positive after Friday’s events, “says Alexandre Mallet-Guy, director of Memento Films Distribution, to Screen Daily.

The film follows a father and two sons who try to process the trauma around their mothers sudden death. The ‘bombs’ in the title refers to the deceased mothers work as a war photographer. Joachim Trier has told Ekko that the title is a loan from The Smiths’ famous album Louder Than Bombs (1987). Just as it was the British rock group’s first US release, it is the first time that Trier recording a movie in the United States.