Locke and Of Horses and Men stand out in French cinemas

of horses and men

Unlike in other European countries, where summer tends to be almost synonymous with a dry spell for cinema, the supply of new releases in French movie theatres is still rather plentiful this year. And quality also abounds, thanks particularly to Metropolitan Filmexport, which is distributing the enthralling Locke [+] by British director Steve Knight, starring Tom Hardy in the lead. The film was very popular out of competition at Venice (read the review), and in fact the artistic director of the Mostra subsequently publicly announced that he regretted not having entered it into the running for the Golden Lion.

For its part, Bodega Films is releasing the astonishing Of Horses and Men[+] by Icelandic filmmaker Benedikt Erlingsson, which has won over the crowds at every single one of the myriad festivals where it has been presented since its international premiere at San Sebastian.

Also hitting screens is the entertaining French comedy Les Francis, a feature debut by Fabrice Begotti, produced by Save Ferris and La Petite Reine. Starring Lannick Gautry, Medi Sadoun, Alice David, Thierry Neuvic, Jenifer Bartoli, Jib Pocthier, Thomas VDB and Cyril Gueï, the movie revolves around the misadventures of Jeff, who goes to Corsica with three childhood friends. In order to comply with his grandfather’s dying wish, he attempts to uncover a family secret. However, following a misunderstanding, the four friends get on the wrong side of a Corsican family who are highly sensitive when it comes to matters of honour, and the holiday quickly turns into a high-speed chase.

Also of note is Maestro by Léa Fazer (read the article – distributed by Rezo Films) and the Franco-Mexican feature Palma Real Motel (Las Horas Muertas) by Aaron Fernandez, co-produced by the Marseilles-based outfit Tita Productions and revealed last year at San Sebastian. Urban Distribution is releasing the movie.

Lastly, the bill is rounded off by Loup-garou by Stéphane Levy (distributed by Bonne Séance) and the Franco-Algerian co-production La preuve by Amor Hakkar (distributed by Sarah Films), in addition to UFO Distribution’s release of the never-before-seen restored version of Comrades by Scottish director Bill Douglas (in competition at Berlin in 1987) and the blockbuster American Nightmare 2: Anarchy[+] by James DeMonaco, which is co-produced, just like the first instalment, by Paris-based Why Not Productions.

(Translated from French)

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Emma Vestrheim

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