Swedish actress Lena Olin‘s new film Maya Dardel has been picked up by the international sales agent Yellow Affair, the Nordisk Film & TV Fond reports. The film is directed by Zachary Cotler and Magdalena Zyzak.

The film is a US/Polish co-production shot in English that tells the story of an internationally lauded poet/novelist, Maya Dardel (Olin), who announces on National Public Radio that she is going to end her life and that young male writers may compete to become executor of her estate. The man who wins will inherit her home, land, books, unpublished manuscripts, and be expected to protect and promote her posthumous reputation.

The film recently screened at the Prague Independent Film Festival, where Olin won Best Actress and the writers, Cotler and Zyzak, won Best Screenplay. The film first screened at SXSW in Austin where it was picked up for US distribution by Samuel Goldwyn and Orion Pictures, with the US theatrical release due for November this year.

Olin has previously starred in the Swedish series Welcome to Sweden and The Hypnotist.