Latest round of Norwegian Film Institute funding supports more films

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New features, documentaries and shorts have been provided support from the Norwegian Film Institute. Stories range from mass murder to witchhunting, poverty to childhood, and everything in between. Six shorts, two artistically rated features, three co-produced feature films and a documentary for cinema received production funding from the institute. Earlier this month two documentaries were subsidised:

Theatrical features (artistically rated)

Fra balkongen (english title TBA). Mer Film and director Ole Giæver will receive NOK 4.958.000 production funding for Fra balkongen. The film takes place in 12 months on Giæver’s own balcony – a philosophical and personal story that continues the theme of Out of Nature (Mot naturen). Giæver has scripted the film, which will be produced by Maria Ekerhovd.

Thiefs (Epleslang). Pravda and director David Reiss-Andersen will receive NOK 2.500.000 for Thiefs. A comedy about two adult siblings, who over the years and through choices in life have drifted apart – but when the sister is caught for shoplifting, she contacts her brother for help. Reiss-Andersen has scripted the film, which will be produced by John Einar Hagen.

Co-productions, feature films

Six projects had applied for a total of NOK 11 million; NOK 4.7 million were granted to three productions:

Lucky. NOK 1.895.360 was allocated for Mechanix Film AS and Lucky, a co-production with Sweden’s Story AB (and main producer Tobias Janson). Lucky is a fictional sequel of the documentary, Belleville Baby, about Vincent, a man of Italian origin who works in Paris for the Sicilian Mafia. Mia Engberg has scripted and will direct the film; Norwegian producer is Hege Dehli.

A Conspiracy of Faith (Flaskepost fra P). Zentropa International Norway will receive NOK 1.816.043 for A Conspiracy of Faith, a co-production with Denmark’s  Zentropa Entertainments (main producer Louise Vesth). After eight years, a message in a bottle lands on the table of detective superintendent Carl Mørck of Copenhagen Police’s Department Q for “cases of special focus,” who will soon be entangled in a cruel case with a psychopathic killer. Hans Petter Moland will direct; Ingrid AK Sølverud is Norwegian producer.

Tacit Wisdom – NOK 994.460 was allocated for Pomor film AS, a co-production with Finland’s Periferia Productions (main producer Markku Flink). Based on real events in 1660s’ Åland, the film follows how church leaders were fighting witchcraft – one woman after the other was reported, investigated and sentenced to death. Saara Cantell will direct; Norwegian producer is Knut Skoglund.

Documentary for cinema (artistically rated)

Childhood (Barndom).Speranza Film AS and director Margreth Olin will receive NOK 2.800.000 production funding for Childhood, a documentary for cinema about and with children, on the child’s terms.A year in a kindergarten, where children are allowed to be children, without any pedagogical aims of an educational outcome. Olin has also scripted the film, which she will produce with Lena Sandvik.

Short films

66 projects had applied for a total of NOK 38.8 million; NOK 4 million were granted to six productions:

Odd Is An Egg (Odd er et egg). Qvisten Animation and director Kristin Ulseth will receive NOK 1.300.000 in production funding for Odd is an egg, an animated short for children aged four-ten based on Lisa Aisato’s book about Seven-year-old Odd, who is so anxious to crush his head that his entire life has come to a standstill. Ulseth, who wrote the script with Mary Avramov, will also produce with Fredrik Fottland.

The Dog (Hunden). Yesbox Production AS and directors Aleksander Nordaas and Hallvard Holmen will receive NOK 750.000 in production funding  for The Dog, a short film  about a man who murders his neighbour for revenge – he thinks he has killed his most treasured possession, the dog. Based on Jon Fosse’s novella, Også kan hunden komme, the film is also scripted by Nordaas/Holmen, and will be produced by Bendik Heggen Strønstad and Aurora Huseth Bjørnhaug.

Light of Night (Det lyse mørket). Zarepta Film Productions AS and director Jade Hærem Aksnes will receive NOK 685.000 for Light of Night, a humorous and sore short the meeting between Eddie, who will kill himself, and Kate, who is fighting to stay alive. Jade H. Aksnes has scripted the film, which will be produced by Siv Aksnes.

We Can’t Help Everyone (Vi kan ikke hjelpe alle)
Banaccas Film AS and director Nina Knag have been allocated NOK 625.000  production funding for the short film, We Can’t Help Everyone. In a cold winter, five-year-old Alexa realises her mother has no money, and is on the verge of collapse. To save the situation Alexa takes a decision she will never forget. Knag scripted from Ingvild H Rishøi’s novella, and Sara Waldeck will produce.

Camping with Ada (Camping). De jentene der Filmproduksjon AS and director Ina Lerner Grevstad will receive NOK 490.000 production funding for Camping with Ada, a short about of a Romanian girl, Ada, who comes to Norway with her aunt Sandra, to make money through prostitution. Is it an illusion to think she can be more than a commodity? Hilde Susan Jægtnes and Bjorn Ekeberg scripted the film which will be produced by Stine Blichfeldt.

Mammas mann (English title TBA). Eldorado Film AS and director Kristoffer Carlin will receive NOK 194.018 production funding for Mammas mann, a short about a little boy who becomes a challenging rival to his mother’s new boyfriend, when they go together to a cabin in the woods. Scripted by Carlin, the film will be produced by Petter Onstad Loop and John Einar Hagen.

Documentaries supported earlier in March

Magnus. From artistic assessment, Moskus Film AS and director Benjamin Ree were allocated NOK 2.250.000 production funding for Magnus. A documentary for cinema, Magnus is the story of a different boy: Magnus Carlsen, who followed his dream and became the world’s best chess player. Scripted by Linn Jeaneth Kyed, the film will be produced by Sigurd Mikal Karoliussen.

Diving Into the Unknown. Birds AS and writer/director Juan Reina will receive NOK 440.000 production funding for the documentary, Diving Into the Unknown, a co-production with Finland’s Monami Agency (main producer Juho Harjula). After two divers are killed during an extreme dive deep in a cave in northern Norway, their surviving colleagues want to organize an illegal rescue operation under dangerous conditions. Therese Naustdal and Gudmundur Gunnarsson are Norwegian co-producers.

Earlier in March The Norwegian Film Institute supported new features by Rune Denstad Langlo, Arild Fröhlich, Hanne Larsen – and four documentaries. You can read about these projects here.

– The Norwegian Film Institute

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.