Lars von Trier to create new TV series

Lars von Trier’s next project will be an English language TV series with a huge international cast.

The TV series will be named THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT.

This was revealed by Zentropa-producer Louise Vesth during the press conference for NYMPHOMANIAC Volume 2 – Director’s Cut at the Venice Film Festival.

20 years ago, von Trier set new standards for a TV series with the THE KINGDOM.

With its gritty pictures, jump-cuts and handheld camera THE KINGDOM became a massive success world-wide and lead to the creation of the DOGME-manifest.

Peter Aalbæk Jensen says: “THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT will be a TV series without precedent. A TV series as you have never seen it before and never will again. You better hold your breath”.

Von Trier will start working on the script for the TV series during Autumn with expected shooting start currently set for 2016.

THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT will be produced by Louise Vesth for the Zentropa Group with executive producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen. Developed in co-operation with Denmarks Radio, executive producer Piv Bernth.

Press release by Lena Juhl Seidelin, TrustNordisk

via Zentropa

Emma Vestrheim

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