Lars von Trier has announced his next project

The Danish director Lars von Trier has announced his next project while receiving The Sonning Prize last week.

His next project will be a series of short films called Études, inspired by the musical composition of the same name.

While receiving the award, Trier admitted feeling terrible and ridden with anxiety after making The House that Jack Built, which is about the rise of a serial killer. He says that Études will be a reaction to The House That Jack Built and will act as a kind of filmmaking recovery for himself.

Lars von Trier during a Danish interview (source: Soundvenue)

“I felt terrible during the shooting of the film, and it’s no one’s fault – it’s my own fault. I was just full of anxiety and alcohol. This is why I can’t really face making a film, at least not right away.” Trier says.

“I’ve thought out a plan to make some very modest short films at ten minutes each. This is called Études, where you try out something new – narratively, technically or in terms of characters. I plan to make a series of ten short films in black and white, and I was thinking of working with Nordic actors because there are just so many good ones.”


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Emma Vestrheim

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