Lapland Odyssey 2 / Napapiirin sankarit 2

All men know this truth: just buy what she wants without asking why she wants it. But Janne broke this rule and could not even imagine how far the consequences will lead him. After getting over various obstacles, from not having enough money for purchasing the digibox to meeting an aggressive Sweden women’s water polo team and ‘wild’ Russian tourists, Janne gets the digibox and comes back to Inari proving that he can become a good father and she can rely on him. And then Lumi was born…

As Leo Tolstoy wrote, “happy families are all . . .


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Lina Gordyshevskaya

I was born in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2015 with the degree of Master of Arts in Scandinavian Studies. The topic of my dissertation was ‘The Development of the Medieval Ballad in Sweden’. My interests lie within the literary art of the Viking Age, medieval ballads, history of the Swedish language and Scandinavian cinema.