Kim Catrall playing US president in the second season of Modus

US actress Kim Catrall has been cast as a US president in the second season of the Swedish series Modus.

Catrall is best known for her role as Samantha Jones in the series Sex and the City.

In the second season of Modus, she plays the American president who comes to Stockholm for a state visit that ends up having unexpected and devastating consequences. Season two takes place two years after the closing of season one, and two character’s relationships have deepened as Inger is now pregnant. The storyline had to be written in as the actress that plays Inger, Melinda Kinnaman, became pregnant in real life. 

The aim of the second season is to go deeper into the international arena and involve US politics.

The Modus series is loosely based on Norwegian crime author Anne Holt’s novels in the Vik/Stubø franchise. Melinda Kinnaman and Henrik Norlen reprise their roles as psychologist and profiler Inger Hojanne Vik and her partner detective Ingvar Nymann who investigate a series of murders in Stockholm.

The series is produced by Miso Film for C More/TV4 and the eight part series will premiere exclusively on the C More streaming service in autumn, with TV 4 following. Season one was a huge success, averaging 1.1 million viewers. The crime show was huge in Norway with one million viewers, and was loved by the Brits, with more than 650,000 watching. The series also had a big audience in Germany with 2.65 million viewers. Modus was also sold to the rest of Scandinavia, Benelux, France, Spain, Japan, Australia, the Baltics, Eastern Europe, Greece, Israel, Italy, Korea, Latin America and Portugal. Freemantle Media handles world distribution.


Info from the Nordic Film & TV Fund

Emma Vestrheim

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