Key House Mirror / Nøgle hus spejl

Legendary actors Ghita Nørby and Sven Wollter play the leads in this deeply moving coming-of-age love story. Lily and Max have been married for upward of 50 years. They live in a shared room in a nursing home, where professionals have cared for Max since he suffered a series of strokes. Lily has been dutifully putting aside her own needs to help care for her husband, who at this point is completely unresponsive. Lily is fit, fun-loving, and miserable in the home, a holding pen for incapacitated elders. Her occasional uber-cheerful visits . . .


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Brenda Benthien

Brenda Benthien is a program consultant and the Guest Relations Director of the Cleveland International Film Festival. She works in Guest Management at the Nordic Film Days in Lübeck and serves as a consultant to the Cinetopia International Film Festival in Ann Arbor and Detroit. Brenda was involved with starting up AFI Fest in Los Angeles, and has lived and worked in Munich and Tokyo. When she isn’t busy with festivals, Brenda is a German translator of screenplays and film-related texts. Her translation of Rudolf Arnheim’s Film Essays and Criticism is published by the University of Wisconsin press. Brenda lives in Hamburg and runs the Hamburg Review website, a critical compendium of writings on film and literature. www.hamburg-review.de