DOXBIO Launched in Denmark

DOXBIO, the initiative devised by the Danish documentary distributor DOXBIO and inspired by similar concepts in the US and in the UK, has been lauched in Denmark. The streaming service, kicked off with Eva Mulvad’s A Modern Man and Selma Vilhunen’s Hobbyhorse Revolution.

DOXBIO backed by the Danish Film Institute, Biografklub Danmark and Danske Filminstruktører (Danish Film Directors’ Association) will shake up how people watch documentaries in Denmark. All films acquired by DOXBIO will be available for individual booking at 20 partner cinemas, including CinemaxX Odense, Grand Teatret in Copenhagen, and Øst for Paradis in Aarhus. However, a pre-defined number of tickets must be bought for a screening to happen.

You know what ‘video on demand’ is, now you also get a cinema on demand! We have developed a system whereby you can now choose the film you want to see and when you want to see it – in the cinema. The system allows you to create your own film screenings and easily invite friends and people with whom you share an interest. To enhance the community experience around the cinema viewing, we have also made it possible for people to select and create a film event. It will often be possible for instance to get a visit from the director or a crew member, or to get refreshments. And if you’re inventive you can also create your own film event around the film’s topic. — Katrina Schelin, DOXBIO Head of Distribution

More information: Nordic TV & Film Fund


Barbara Majsa

Barbara is a journalist, editor and film critic. She usually does interviews with film-makers, artists, designers, and writes about cinema, design and books.