In Case of No Emergency: Force Majeure and the Bystander Cinema of Ruben Östlund

Set in the French Alps, Force Majeure tells the story of a nuclear family from Sweden on a ski vacation. Tomas, the patriarch, has apparently been working too hard, and the trip thus offers some much needed time with family- Ebba, his wife, and their children Harry and Vera. Things go awry early however, when the crest of a ‘controlled’ avalanche freakishly hurtles towards them at the resort’s restaurant. Initially incredulous to its impending arrival, Tomas bolts from the table at the last second, leaving his wife and children to fend for themselves. What follows is our . . .


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Erik Anderson

Erik Anderson is a full time thinker and part time filmmaker from the Canadian West Coast. He holds an honours degree in Political Science from Concordia University, and is an MFA candidate in Film Production at York University in Toronto. His mother is originally from Norway and likes to remind him of this constantly...