“Iceland is a young nation, and with that comes a certain hardness”: Runar Runarrson on Sparrows

A wave of Icelandic cinema has been sweeping the international festivals, with films like Of Horses and Men, Virgin Mountain and Rams winning several awards. In a period of economic downturn and lack of money, small, insightful and often funny films have gotten attention the world over. Yet 39-year old Rúnar Rúnarsson stands out, with his subtle, gentle dramas Volcano and Sparrows. As his Golden Shell winning Sparrows had it’s Danish premiere, Cinema Scandinavia met him to a talk of poetic realism, analog vs digital, and the struggle to be the best man . . .


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Frederik Bove

Frederik has studied History and Cultural Studies at University of Copenhagen and University of California San Diego. He is currently working for Copenhagen Architecture Festival x FILM.