Hot Nordic TV Programmes Showcased At 3rd Scandinavian Screenings

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Over 80 top international TV buyers are gathered since Wednesday evening at Copenhagen’s third Scandinavian Screenings, an exclusive mini-market unfolding every other year, showcasing around 130 documentaries, TV series, children programmes and formats from the Nordic region.

Held at DR Byen, the Danish public broadcaster’s headquarters, the event is hosted by DR Sales, SVT Sales, YLE Sales (represented for the first time) in cooperation with TrustNordisk, Nordic World, DRG and Banijay International. Helene Aurø, Deputy Managing Director for DR Sales says: “Usually we show our buyers the bulk of our new programmes twice a year at the MIP TV markets in Cannes, but not everything can wait that long. Buyers want to get hold of the programmes when they are ready-or even before, and therefore Scandinavian Screenings is well placed between the two TV fairs”.

Albertina Marfil, Formats Manager, Sales and Acquisitions for London-based DRG, representing for the first time all NRK scripted and non-scripted programmes added: “We are proud and excited to be joining the Scandinavian Screenings this year. The event is a great way of catching up with the best of Nordic content in three days and it is brilliant to be part of it once again. DRG works with top Scandi producers and broadcasters and we sell their content all over the world, because the region delivers high quality, commercially successful, innovative content.”

For TrustNordisk’s Head of Sales Susan Wendt, Scandinavian screenings is “a good and efficient event, where TV buyers are focused on Scandinavian content. There are screening facilities and we can sit down and discuss right away. This wrapped in a more relaxed and exiting atmosphere then other TV markets”.

Among the latest programmes introduced by DR Sales are the documentary The Arms Drop by Andreas Koefoed (currently available in Danish cinemas), the Christmas calendar series Time Travel (Tidsrejsen) directed by Kasper Munk (You & Me Forever) and the youth fantasy series Heartless (already sold to more than 40 territories). Other flagship TV dramas screening in Copenhagen include TV2 Danmark’s hit series Seaside Hotel (Nordic World), Nelonen’s successful Finnish series Black Widows (pictured DRG), and SVT’s mini-series The Fat & The Angry (TrustNordisk). Upcoming series pitched include Follow the Money directed by Per Fly (DR Sales), TV2 Danmark’s new crime drama Norskov and NRK’s Eyewitness (DRG).

Scandinavian Screenings is supported by Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

via the Nordisk Film and TV Fond

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.