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Norwegian director Harald Zwart has gone to the Arctic Circle for his upcoming film The 12th Man.

The 12th Man tells the story of Norwegian war hero Jan Baalsrud, who was one of 12 Norwegian resistance fighters crossing the North Sea to blow up the Bardufoss Airport during the Nazi Occupation. When the boat is discovered they try to escape, but 11 are captured and killed by the enemy; only 25-year-old Jan Baalsrud manages to survive after hiding in a snow cave on the mountain for two months.

Zwart started shooting in April, with the ending. The lead character had to lose weight – at some point was down to 35kg. They also filmed a scene with 1,000 reindeer and April was the perfect month for it.

The 12th Man stars Thomas Gullestad and will be released on the 10th of November 2017.

Source: Variety