Hans Petter Moland & Stellan Skarsgård reunite for OUT STEALING HORSES

The latest round of Norwegian Film Institute funding has been announced, with an exciting new film topping the list of projects receiving support.

Hans Petter Moland is set to direct an adaptation of Per Petterson’s award-winning novel Out Stealing Horses (2003). The novel won the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize and the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. The novel was also one of the 5 Best Fiction Books 2007 on the New York Times list.

Hans Petter Moland will reunite with Stellan Skarsgård (previously collaborating together on In Order of Disappearance, A Somewhat Gentle Man, Aberdeen and Zero Kelvin), who will take the leading role. The film is set in 1999 and follows Trond (Skarsgård), who has moved to a remote house in the forest where he can grieve the death of his wife. His idyllic country retreat is disturbed when he meets a neighbour whom he knew when he was young, in the summer of 1948. The events – the accidental death of a child, his best friend’s feelings of guilt and eventual disappearance, his father’s decision to leave the family for another woman – will change his life forever. An early morning adventure out stealing horses leaves Trond bruised and puzzled by his friend Jon’s sudden breakdown. The tragedy which lies behind this scene becomes the catalyst for the two boys’ families gradually to fall apart.

Filming is set to start in February 2018. Moland is currently working on the English-language version of In Order of Disappearance.

Out Stealing Horses will be produced by 4 ½ Fiksjon and TrustNohandlewill ahndle sales.

The Norwegian Film Institute also announced it will be supporting many other exciting projects. The others are:

  • Psychobitch, a comedy about impossible love. Directed by Martin Lund produced by Ape&Bjørn
  • Barn, which depicts a tragic incident in an Oslo schoolyard and the effect it has on an entire community. Directed by Dag Johan Haugerud and produced by Motlys
  • Det annet kjønn about three generations of women. Directed by Katja Eyde Jacobsen and produced by Mer Film (who recently released From the Balcony)
  • Montebello by music video artist Thea Hvistendahl. This will be a concert film about Karpe Diem.

Source: Nordisk Film & TV Fond

Photo: Knockturnal


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