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The Guldbagge Award Ceremony was held at Cirkus in Stockholm on Monday. The Nile Hilton Incident received five and Sámi Blood three awards, including the Guldbaggen Audience Award. The Square and Borg vs. McEnroe received two awards each. This year’s host was Petra Mede.

Awarded annually since 1964, the Guldbagge (“Golden Beetle”) is the name of the Swedish Film Institute’s award for cinematic achievements. The award itself, in the form of a flower chafer beetle, was designed by artist Karl Axel Pehrson.

This year’s winners are:

Best Film
The Nile Hilton Incident
Producer: Kristina Åberg

Best Director
Ruben Östlund
for The Square

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Lene Cecilia Sparrok
for the role as Elle-Marja in Sámi Blood (Sameblod)

Best Actor in a Leading Role
Fares Fares
for the role as Noredin in The Nile Hilton Incident

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Julia Kijowska
for the role as Agnieszka in Strawberry Days

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Stellan Skarsgård
for the role as Lennart Bergelin in Borg/McEnroe

Best Screenplay
Amanda Kernell
for the screenplay for Sámi Blood (Sameblod)

Best Cinematography
Fredrik Wenzel
for cinematography in The Square

Best Editing
Anders Skov
for the editing of Sámi Blood (Sameblod)

Best Costume
Louize Nissen
for the costumes in The Nile Hilton Incident

Best Sound/Sound Design
Fredrik Jonsäter
for the sound on The Nile Hilton Incident

Best Makeup
Petra Cabbe
for mask/make-up in Solsidan (english title TBA)

Best Original Score
Peter von Poehl
for Ravens (Korparna)

Best Set Design
Roger Rosenberg
forThe Nile Hilton Incident

Best Visual Effects
Torbjörn Olsson and Alex Hansson
for Borg/McEnroe

Best Foreign Language Film
The Salesman
by Asghar Farhadi

Best Documentary Film
by Olivia Kastebring, Mika Gustafson and Christina Tsiobanelis

Best Short Film
The Burden
by Niki Lindroth von Bahr

The nine members of the jury are Anna Carlson, Daniel Espinosa, Nadja Weiss, Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, Sören Staermose, Anna Asp, Anne-Marie Söhrman Fermelin, Håkon Skogrand and Marek Septimus Wieser.

Best Newcomer
director Rojda Sekersöz
for her achievements in Beyond Dreams (Dröm vidare)

Lifetime Achievement Award
The board of the Swedish Film Institute extends the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award to:
director Stig Björkman


A jury consisting of Anna Carlson, Gila Bergqvist Ulfung, Sanjin Pejkovic, Alexander Haridi, Lisa Andrae and Johan Unenge have decided to give Gullspira 2018 to the BUFF International Film Festival.

The Guldbagge Audience Award
Sámi Blood (Sameblod)
Producer: Lars G. Lindström

The Guldbagge Audience Award (Guldbaggens publikpris) is a new award at the Guldbagge Awards Ceremony. It includes all 41 Swedish feature-length films that premiered in cinemas during 2017. The award is produced by the Swedish Film Institute in collaboration with Swedish media outlet Aftonbladet.

Featured photo: Pelle T Nilsson

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