Chinese Dreamland is a multi formatted documentary by American director and anthropologist David Borenstein. The film is produced by Jesper Jack from Danish non-fiction makers House of Real and will be released in 2015. DOP. Skree

Both David Borenstein’s Dream Empire and Arto Koskinen’s Nokia Mobile – We Were Connecting People (Nokia Mobile – matkapuhelimen tarina in Finnish) shows the creation and the fall of an empire. The former follows Yana, a young migrant entrepreneur in China, who sets up an agency and arranges ‘white monkey’ gigs for property developers. The other tells the story of Nokia, the Finnish company that once ranked number one among the world’s mobile phone manufacturers.

Sometimes an exciting story and some interesting individuals are not enough to provide the audience . . .


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Barbara is a journalist, editor and film critic. She usually does interviews with film-makers, artists, designers, and writes about cinema, design and books.