From Press Photography to Film Direction: The Work of Erik Poppe

Erik Poppe was born in 1960 in Oslo and he grew up in Norway and Portugal. Poppe started his career as a photographer for the news agency Reuters and the Norwegian newspaper ‘Verdens Gang’, covering domestic news as well as international conflicts. He was awarded for his work by the Norwegian Press Association and World Press Photo. Poppe’s experiences as a conflict photographer around the world didn’t become a main theme in his filmmaking until quite recently in his latest feature, A Thousand Times Good Night (2013). In 1987 he decided to study Cinematography at . . .


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Cleo lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. She’s studying to become an electrical engineer but what she actually does is watch and discuss films as much as possible, hoping to someday make her own. She has a soft spot for all things art, travelling, Nordic languages and english accents.