First details announced about Johannes Nyholm’s new film

The first details have been announced about Swedish director Johannes Nyholm’s new film, which is called Koko-di Koko-da.

Using the same mixture of reality and fantasy as his previous film, The GiantKoko-di Koko-da follows a couple who goes on a trip to find their way back to each other a few years after the tragic death of their only child. The couple ends up reliving a traumatic night over and over again while camping. The story, told through their mutual dreams, is about relationships, grief and love as a healing force.

The Paris-based Stray Dogs has picked up international sales. Nathan Fischer, who runs the company, described the film as ‘a nightmarish Groundhog Day‘.

“Scandinavia is one of the most interesting places these days in terms of filmmaking, and Johannes is definitely one of the most powerful, original and sophisticated voices in that region,” added Fischer, who discovered the project and met Nyholm at Les Arcs Festival’s industry village in 2016.

No release details have been announced.

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.