Finnish Production Support June 2015

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The Finnish Film Foundation has granted production support to the following feature-length films:

Feature-length fiction:


In June 1960, a horrific murder takes place in a remote campsite by Lake Bodom. Four teenagers are brutally executed in their tent while sleeping.

Decades after the case has turned cold, a group of teenagers arrive at the same campsite, hoping to solve the murder by reconstructing it minute by minute. As night falls, the girls find out that reconstruction is not what the guys are really after.

Truths are revealed, and every camper’s worst nightmare becomes reality. Only sunrise can save them.

Tonight… It’s girls against boys. Let the killing games begin.
Director: Taneli Mustonen

Producer: Aleksi Hyvärinen

Script: Taneli Mustonen & Aleksi Hyvärinen

Shooting schedule: August 2015

Budget: 1 100 000,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 470 000,00 €

Production company: Don Films Oy

Financing TV company: Channel Four Finland

Distribution in Finland: Oy Future Film Ab


Love Records – The rise of the Finnish Rock music. Three friends start a record company that rises against old structures in the music business. Against all odds Love Records becomes a landmark in the music history of Finland.

Director: Aleksi Mäkelä

Producers: Matti Halonen, Leila Lyytikäinen

Script: Antti Pesonen

Shooting schedule: Summer 2015

Budget: 1 473 000,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 740 000,00 €

Production company: Fisher King Production Oy

Financing TV company: Channel Four Finland

Distribution in Finland: Future Film


65 million years ago they went into the centre of the earth. Now they are coming back. Since the 1950s, conspiracy theorists have alleged that for thousands of years the highest echelons of world government have been infiltrated by a race of shape-shifting reptilian humanoids; that our destiny was not our own… instead, we were under the control of a secret cabal of puppet masters…

And you know what? It’s absolutely true.

20 years after the events of Iron Sky, humanity is in a bit of a pickle: Earth was ruined in a nuclear war, and the few people left alive are surviving up on the moon… which is now unstable, liable to fall apart at any moment.

Mankind’s last hope is to send a small team into the centre of the Hollow Earth (this crazy theory turns out to be real, too), and rescue the Holy Grail (also real!) from the Vril- the aforementioned subterranean reptilian race. It turns out those bastards are responsible for orchestrating the greatest atrocities in human history: Genghis Khan, Hitler, even Mark Zuckerberg… all shape-shifting reptiles! The Vril’s diabolical plan to wipe out humanity and claim the Earth for their own finally succeeded, to a point… but now it’s time to pay them back.

Director: Timo Vuorensola

Producer: Tero Kaukomaa

Script: Dalan Musson

Shooting schedule: Autumn 2015

Budget: 12 000 000,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 900 000,00 €

Production company: Iron Sky Universe Oy

Co-production company: 27 Films Production

Sales Company: Atlas International

Financing TV company: Yleisradio

Finnish premiere: February 2017


Finland,1962. A young couple, Olli and Raija, are guests at a countryside wedding. It’s the end of the summer, the weather is bad and the wedding is very Finnish: not much is being talked. But Olli feels comfortable with Raija whom he has just met. Still there is something that worries him. Olli has to leave to Helsinki. In ten days he will fight for the featherweight world championship in Olympic stadium. Everything is being prepared for him by his manager Elis Ask, who has invested a lot in the upcoming match and in Olli who is extremely good and dangerous at the ring. But Olli has problems with his weight – and he misses Raija. Olli’s opponent from America arrives and the circus around him gets bigger every day – and so does Olli’s anxiety. He decides to run away back to the country just to see Raija before the big event.

Director: Juho Kuosmanen

Producer: Jussi Rantamäki

Script: Mikko Myllylahti

Shooting schedule: August-October 2015

Budget: 1 200 950,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 710 000,00 €

Production company: Elokuvayhtiö Aamu

Co-production company: Tre Vänner

Financing TV company: Yleisradio

Distribution in Finland: Plan B

Finnish premiere: 3.9.2016


It is the year 1980. A new generation of young cultural provocateurs grows at Helsinki University. They call themselves “academic punk rockers” and vow to rebel against the leftist consensus of the Finnish cultural elite and reinvent everything. Inka, an ambitious and focused literary student, is one of the movement’s leaders. Juhana, a young novelist who has just made a big name for himself with his first book, joins the group. Together they become the editors-in-chief of the group’s newspaper. They are young, completely full of life – and instantly in love. Juhana has an enormous lust for life and adventure. Inka adores his courage to do absolutely anything and throws herself in his lifestyle completely.

Director: Alli Haapasalo

Producer: Risto Salomaa

Script: Alli Haapasalo (based on an novel by Anja Kauranen)

Shooting schedule: Autumn 2015

Budget: 1 500 000,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 755 000,00 €

Production company: Solar Films Inc

Financing TV company: Yleisradio

Distribution in Finland: Future Film


Anna’s (16) story takes place on Åland Island in 1666, during the beginning of the most widespread and systematic witch-hunts in Scandinavian history. In all, 16 women were convicted of being in league with the devil, and seven of them were executed.

Director: Saara Cantell

Producer: Markku Flink

Script: Leena Virtanen, Saara Cantell

Shooting schedule: Autumn 2015

Budget: 2 800 000,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 700 000,00 €

Production company: Periferia Productions

Co-production companies: GötaFilm (SWE), Pomor Film (NO), Sun & Moon Pictures Ltd (Latvia)
Financing TV company: YLE

Distribution in Finland: Nordisk Film

Feature-length fiction, minority co-productions:


Vincent is an aging gangster, working for the Sicilian mafia in Paris. He collects debts, takes care of transports and carries out all kinds of duties for his boss. Most of the time Vincent is taking care of the escort business, driving luxury escorts/call girls to their clients and protects them if things get out of hand.

Director: Mia Engberg

Finnish producer: Miia Haavisto

Script: Mia Engberg

Shooting schedule: August-September 2015

Budget: 1 437 772,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 120 000,00 €

Production company: Story Ab, Sweden

Finnish production company: Helsinki-Filmi Oy

Financing TV company: Yleisradio, SVT, NRK

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.