Finnish Film Foundation announces March production support

The Finnish Film Foundation has announced the films that will receive production support. Here are a selection of films that have received funding:

Storage 2

Directed by Taru Mäkelä

In this sequel to the 2011 film, The Storage, Rousku and Raninen escape their unemployment by establishing a company in construction business. Lack of craftmanship is not a hindrance and also the book keeping is all right, cause Rousku’s mother in law is in charge of it. Our working class entrepreneurs know that you may be poor, but not helpless. But what can a man do with devious women? Especially, as Rousku must once again look at mirror and realise: Like father, like daughter.

Producers: Taru Mäkelä, Markku Tuurna, Jouko Seppälä
Script: Veli-Pekka Hänninen
Shooting schedule: Autumn 2017
Budget: 1 102 000,00 €
Production support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 420 000,00 €
Production company: Kinosto Oy

The Human’s Lot

Directed by Juha Lehtola

The harsh winds of the economy drew a family apart, and none of its members find their place in the world. A surprise tragedy brings them back together.

Producers: Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff
Script: Leo Viirret, Juha Lehtola, Kari Hotakainen
Shooting schedule: 2016
Budget: 1 413 566,00 €
Production support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 760 000,00 €
Production company: Oy Bufo Ab

The Singer – Olavi Virta

Directed by Timo Koivusalo

Olavi Virta is a film about the all-time favourite singer in Finland. A man whose dreams were interrupted by war, a man who rose from poverty all the way to the top and became an artist that was dearly loved by the Finnish people. A man who performed both on stage and in films and who finally lost everything but his unique voice.

Back in 2011 the Finnish Film Foundation announced a 50/50 production support scheme. The aim of the scheme is to accelerate the decision-making process for productions that have already raised their financing. The other is to find new financers outside the film industry. With the new 50/50 production support, the Finnish Film Foundation can grant a maximum of 50% of production costs for a production that has already secured at least 50% of its financing. The productions are being evaluated with a scoring scale.


Directed by Aleksi Mäkelä

The film takes place in different places of Finland and Stockholm on a weekend in May. With several overlapping stories, 95 shows why Finland won the ice hockey World Championship and how it affected us all.

Producers: Olli Haikka, Jarkko Hentula, Marko Talli
Script: Joona Tena, Tatiana Elf, Juha Karvanen
Shooting schedule: Spring-summer 2017
Budget: 2 000 000,00 €
Production support: 780 000,00€
Production support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 800 000,00 €
Production company: Yellow Film & TV
Co-production company: SF Studios (Sweden)

Happier times, Grump

Directed by Tiina Lymi (known for Off the Map, pictured)

The story begins on a sad note; our old friend Grump has lost his beloved Wife, who has been hospitalised for years. Grump’s both sons Hessu and Pekka have arrived for the funeral with their families, the latter one all the way from “Belgum”.

Broken-hearted by his wife’s demise, Grump contemplates his own mortality and builds himself a coffin and carves a wooden gravestone, completed with the estimated time of his own death. The boys are trying to concentrate on practical issues; how to distribute the heritance and how to get their father settled to a retirement home – not an easy task. The sons even manage to get the family doctor on their side.

But the story takes a sudden turn as Pekka’s daughter Sofia – whose name Grump can’t even pronounce – wants to spend some time with her grandfather. Sofia is as distant from her own father as Grump from his sons. Grump promises that she can stay for one night; he’s very busy preparing for the inevitable.

Producers: Jukka Helle, Markus Selin
Script: Tuomas Kyrö, Juha Lehtola, Tiina Lymi
Shooting schedule: Autumn 2017
Budget: 1 800 000,00 €
Production support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 700 000,00 €
Production company: Solar Films Inc. Oy

My Brother’s Keeper

Directed by JP Siili

My Brother’s Keeper is a film about inseparable brothers and rejected love. It is a story about breaking a family curse and taking the lead in your own life.

Producers: Annika Sucksdorff, Dome Karukoski
Script: JP Siili, Aleksi Bardy
Shooting schedule: Autumn 2017
Budget: 1 750 000,00 €
Production support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 700 000,00 €
Production company: Helsinki-Filmi Oy

You can read about more feature films, documentaries and television series receiving funding via the Finnish Film Foundation website. 



Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.