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Filming begins on Norway’s new oil drama LAND OF HAPPINESS


Filming has begun on the new NRK [+] television series Land of Happiness (Lykkeland in Norwegian).

The Norwegian series will revolve around four young people who go through major changes when oil is discovered in the North Sea. Set in the 1960s, the series will be set in the southern Norwegian city of Stavanger and will capture how people handled the prospect of wealth that came with the discovery of oil, both politically and emotionally.

The city centre of Stavanger has transformed into a film set as they film the outdoor scenes. In true West Norway fashion, the weather has been poor, but that’s practically to be expected. Some indoor scenes have already been shot in Oslo, and further outdoor scenes will be shot in Haugesund, which is roughly midway between Bergen and Stavanger.

Three of the four lead actors are being played by local talents Anne Regine Ellingsæter (21), Amund Harboe (20) and Malene Wadel (19). The fourth lead is a British actor, Bart Edwards (28), but also known Norwegian actors Vegard Hoel, Pia Tjelta [+] and Per Kjerstad will be in the series.

A huge production, Land of Happiness has a budget of 96 million NOK (around 12 million USD), The screenplay was written by Mette M. Bølstad [+], who also wrote Nobel [+].

Land of Happiness will screen on NRK in autumn 2018 and have a total of eight episodes.