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In our new series Favourite Films, we speak to Nordic directors, producers and actors about the Nordic films that have inspired them.

John Matton, Festival director of the Nordic International Film Festival

John Matton is a multi-award winning actor, screenwriter and producer. He has graduated from the Circle in the Square Theatre School on Broadway, the New York Film Academy and Calle Flygare’s Theatre School of Sweden. John’s productions and films have been screened in more than 40 major festivals in the world.

1. The Celebration (Festen), dir. Thomas Vinterberg


I’d choose The Celebration because of its unique way of delivering awkwardness and truth in this beautiful dogma set up.

2. The Hunt (Jagten), dir. Thomas Vinterberg


This film has lingered with me years after I’ve seen it, I’m so utterly impressed how a director can achieve such delivery from his team of cast and crew.

3. Oslo, 31 August, dir. Joachim Trier

Another honest, real, well acted and crafted production that I really took to, this film has such melancholy to it and it captivates all the way.