Eurimages announces support for Roy Andersson’s new film

Roy Andersson’s new film, as well as more Nordic and European films, has picked up funding from the Board of Management of the Council of Europe’s Eurimages Fund. In total, 11 fiction film projects, a documentary and an amination have received funding totalling €3,843,000.

Among the films listed is Roy Andersson‘s new film, titled On Endlessness (Om det oändliga) (which is the working title, others being On Inexhaustibility, On Infinity and The Inexhaustibility Of The Human Condition).

“It’s a little timeless, but connects to our time and past time,” Andersson told ScreenDaily.

Some sequences will be set in World War II, including one involving Hitler in his bunker (“who had a dream to conquer the world but failed”). Others will include: a couple “floating over both misery and happiness”; “a defeated army leaving the city they wanted to conquer now going to become prisoners of the enemy”; “three ladies singing a very happy song because they love to be alive”; “a man getting lost wandering into the wrong café”; “an injured veteran playing mandolin in a metro station”; and “a divorce prosecutor who doesn’t trust banks and keeps his savings under his mattress.”

Andersson is set to build sets for each segment, tear them down, and then start on the next one. The film is due to be completed in April 2019, with a fairly good chance of a premiere at the Cannes Film Festival (which happens in May). Luckily, we only have to wait five years for the next Andersson, not the usual seven or more.

Another Nordic film received funding: Wild Witch (Vildheks) by Kaspar Munk. This Danish/Norwegian/Hungarian film starts off when a big black cat scratches 12-year-old Clara, her life changes in a heartbeat. She finds out that she belongs to a family of Wild Witches with a very close connection to nature. When the evil witch Chimera tries to kidnap Clara, she realises that there must be something very special about her.
In order to save herself, Clara sets out on a journey together with her two friends, Oscar and Kahla, to prove that she belongs to the Wild World.

Here are all the films receiving funding:

Wicked Games (Böse Spiele) – Ulrich Seidl (Austria/Germany/France)
Double Bind (Duelles) – Olivier Masset-Depasse (Belgium/France)
Pinocchio – Matteo Garrone (Italy/France)
Memoirs from the Cell (Memorias del calabozo) – Álvaro Brechner (Spain/France/Argentina/Uruguay)
Where are you, João Gilberto? (Wo bist du, João Gilberto ?) – Georges Gachot (Switzerland/Germany/France) (documentary)
About Endlessness (Om det oändliga) – Roy Andersson (Sweden/Germany/France/Norway)
The Crossing (La Traversée) – Florence Miailhe (France/Germany/Czech Republic) (animation)
Life Runs Over You (La vita ti arriva addosso) – Paolo Sassanelli (Italy/Iceland)
Wild Witch (Vildheks) – Kaspar Munk (Denmark/Hungary/Norway)
Kings – Deniz Gamze Ergüven (France/Belgium)
Virgins – Keren Ben Rafael (France/Israel/Belgium)
The Cellar (Pivnica) – Igor Voloshin (Slovakia/Russia/Czech Republic)
Lady Winsley – Hiner Saleem (France/Turkey/Belgium)

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.