English Language Thrillers For Easy Money Producer

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Tre Vänner producer Fredrik Wikström Nicastro (pictured) and Svensk Filmindustri plan to produce the English language remake of the successful Easy Money crime trilogy and Jens Jonsson’s English language debut The White Island

Set in Ibiza, The White Island will ‘take the audience behind the curtain of Europe’s wildest party island’ says Nicastro. The director of Easy-Money-Life Deluxe will bring to the screen his own script co-written with Matthew Ian Cirulnick. Meanwhile Easy Money’s remake for an international audience will be based on a script by Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken. “We will keep the complex characters and grittiness of our original film but make the plot more focused and effective. We will move the story to an international arena by making the protagonist an American student who dreams of becoming part of the wealthy elite in a major European capital”, explains Nicastro. 
SF CEO Jonas Fors says these two projects indicate the Scandinavian group’s strategy to ‘become a major producer of high quality content on the European market’. 

via Nordisk Film and TV Fond

Emma Vestrheim

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