Dox@net Short Documentary Film Packages Announced Today


The Dox@net project was launched earlier this year by The Finnish Film Foundation, the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and AVEK – The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture to look for short documentary film packages consisting of 3 to 5 minute long films. The project aimed to find provocative films with a new cinematic form.

The project received a total of 73 proposals for the production of around 365 short documentary films with delightfully diverse and fresh themes. The most common themes revolved around voluntary acts of kindness and female sexuality. The project selection committee first narrowed the choice to the 10 best proposals and after meetings and discussions selected the final five film packages to be produced.

The proposals were of very high quality. Despite the basic premise of the Dox@net project, most of the films were not primarily intended for online viewing but would have been better suited for the big screen at film festivals or television distribution. Therefore in addition to the importance of the themes the packages were built around, the selection committee prioritized the films’ suitability for online distribution and the inclusion of interactive aspects to the viewing experience.

The selected projects:

A series of snapshots from the Suomi Arena in Pori and the crème de la crème of Finnish society strolling on its lawns. The documentary film series captures the summer atmosphere of the Finnish elite, who have driven the welfare state into the shredder, right before the 2015 parliamentary elections.
Production: Tühma Audio/Visual Oy
Production team: Susanna Kuparinen, Jari Hanksa, Konsta Väänänen and Anna Rombach

Selection committee:
The project takes a multilayered look at the different branches wielding power in Finland from business to the media and cleverly combines journalism, theatre and cinema into short documentary films that, if successful, will stir up a lot of debate.

An interactive web documentary series that takes the viewer through the life cycle of a Finnish production animal. The film series follows the journey of a chicken and a pig living on very different Finnish farms from birth to death and all the way to the super market shelf. The viewer has a choice in how to experience the lifecycle and living conditions of the animals. The films are told strictly from the animals’ point of view and don’t contain any experts or interviews. From Stall to Store gives Finns the opportunity to gain more knowledge and understanding of an ordinary subject that is close to us every day – on the plate.
Production: Liisa Juntunen / napafilms oy
Director: Marika Väisänen

Selection committee:
A clinical, objective view into the different alternatives in Finnish food production takes advantage of the interactive possibilities of internet viewing by letting the viewer make choices that may result in two films consisting of six smaller ones instead of the required five.

The Internet and rapidly developing everyday technology have exploded the distribution of online videos.  Anyone can upload a video that gets more viewers than any television show. But what makes a video a hit? Now five filmmakers enter into a competition to see whose video will get the most clicks. Only illegal methods are forbidden, everything else is allowed in the attempt to gain the most views. They will offer nudity, singing competitions as well as celebrities. The competition will be fierce, only the number of clicks matters.
Production: Pohjola-Filmi
Directors: Salla Sorri, Wille Hyvönen, Iris Olsson, Markus Kåhre and Reetta Aalto.

Selection committee:
A hilarious and energetic project from a strong group of filmmakers is serious about getting bigger audiences for documentary films online while at the same time questioning our online behavior with irony, their subjects ranging from the vagina to stuttering and from war to errors and meme makers.

”Don’t think that you’re somebody” – Jante’s law, rule number one. Life in the Swedish-speaking countryside of Finland is often thought of as idyllic, happy cohabitation – but this is not the whole truth.
Production: 4KRS Films
Director: Oskar Forstén and Arthur Franck

Selection committee:
The project takes us around Finland’s Swedish-speaking ”Payton Places” telling stories about the often oppressive atmosphere of small communities partly based on personal experience and making use of Jante’s laws. These documentary films will be suitable for example tolerance education in schools.

There can never be too many films about Mannerheim. This series of short Mannerheim films will bring the portrait documentary into the internet age.
Production: Zodiak Finland Oy / Sari Lempiäinen
Directors: Katri Lautamatti and Jarkko Virtanen

Selection committee:
The most conventional of the projects, but thoroughly developed, focused and aimed at different audiences. When one of the short documentary films is clearly aimed at history buffs, another one uses one of the most popular forms of internet memes: a talking animal. The project also has the opportunity to develop interactive aspects and the potential for visually interesting execution.

The Dox@net project films will be available on YLE Areena starting from January 2015.

via the Finnish Film Foundation

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.