Debate on Danish Film Financing Challenges

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On the 26th of March the Danish Film Institute had the first of four public meetings on the future of Danish film in preparation for the film agreement which will be from 2015 to 2018. The theme of the meeting was the financial challenges facing the film industry, and the debate took place between the representatives of distributors, cinemas, telecommunications companies, producers and directors.

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The panel consisted of (from left): Allan Hansen, director of Nordisk Film, Ulf Lund, media director of the TDC Group, Lasse Jensen (moderator of the debate), Klaus Hansen, director Producers’ Association; Christina Rosendahl, director and political deputy chairman of the Danish Film Directors and Claus Ladegaard , Head Production & Development, DFI. Photo: Anna Winding-Lauesen.

Following Film Institute’s proposal for movies Agreement 2015-2018, “Film for the future,” the motion picture industry and other interested parties are invited to far four meetings with the aim of creating a broad, open and informed debate on the future of Danish film. The starting gun sounded on the series of meetings on Wednesday 26 March, when the topic was “Danish film financing challenges” based on a common consensus that there is a lack of money in the production stage.

Discussion Meeting of the Parties agreed that the underfunding, mainly due to the digital development, including must be obtained through new digital business models. Here, the size and flexibility of the team back window of a film’s premiere in the cinema until it can be rented physical and digital discussed with courtesy to adjustments. It was also expressed that there are still major challenges in getting the views to meet.

A new  post for the film agreement from Nordisk Film which discusses various proposals for changes to the marketing structure, played a central part in the debate.

After the meeting, says Henrik Bo Nielsen, director of the Danish Film Institute:

“Even if all players agree that there is no short term fix for the funding problems, it was a relief that we did not waste time in a discussion aboutmarketing structure must change, but how . This is an important contribution to the debate that a large commercial distributor Nordisk Film is now also suggest that there is scope for changes that could ultimately generate new revenue. ”

In October, the politicians need to enter the film agreement, which runs until the end of 2018.

DFI’s upcoming debates will focus on “Quality in Danish film”, “What movies with TV?” and “Film in Denmark – stories from around the country.” Read more about  upcoming public meetings, dates and panelists .

See also Film Institute’s proposal for movies Agreement 2015-2018: Films for the future .


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Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.