Death & The Seventh Seal

“When he broke open the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour”. – Revelations 8:1.

The silence referred to in Revelations, and explored throughout Bergman’s existential film, The Seventh Seal, is the silence of God. The Seventh Seal is a reminder that faith and fear – especially a fear of death, while not tangible in any sense, are still driving forces in our lives. With its beautiful cinematography and use of the stunning Swedish landscape, you cannot help but to see man as a part of the overlapping supernatural . . .


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Ceri Norman

Ceri is a UK based folklorist and freelance writer with a passion for Norse Mythology and Scandinavian Film & Television. She has penned articles for a variety of magazines including the Nordic Noir Magazine, Scan Magazine and FAE Magazine on a wide range of topics, from folklore to fashion