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History of Scandinavian Film

Danish Film History

Danish Silent Cinema (1897-1930)From the founding of one of the world’s oldest production companies to the discovery of the great auteur Carl Th. Dreyer and the first film star Asta Nielsen, Danish silent cinema proved that the region was a filmmaking power.Read (free!)>       

Sound, World War II & Folk Comedies (1930-1959)When sound was introduced, Denmark realised it needed to target local audiences. With this, comedy flourished into the most popular genre. However, the occupation of Denmark during World War II changed the film industry forever.Read >    

Realism and Art in the 1960s and 1970sWith the ride of television, Danish cinema became defined as an art form in need of government support. The 1960s and 1970s saw directors increasingly inspired by European art tradition and their own political issues, and realism became the dominant style of film.Read >  

The Rise and Rise of Danish Film in the 1980sAt the start of the 1980s, Danish film was struggling. The industry needed to change, and it was the popularity of genre that changed how Danish film operated.Read >