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A new crime drama titled Spring Tide (Springfloden) has been announced by those behind Filmlance international and writing dueo Rolf & Cilla Börjlind (known for writing the Arne Dahl and Beck series). The drama, to be produced for SVT, is based on Börjlind’s crime novel, which follows detective Tom Stilton and Police Academy Cadet Olivia Rönning. The main crime of the series is about a cold case from 1990 where a pregnant woman is murdered and buried on a beach.
The series will feature 10 episodes, and Kjell Bergqvist and Julia Ragnarsson will play in the leads. They are joined by Helena Bergström, Dag Malmberg, Johan Widerberg, Cecilia Nilsson, Dar Salim, Mikael Segerström and Angela Kovacs.