CPH:PIX to screen a new mixture of Danish films, plus a retrospective on Neil Young

The biggest Danish film festival CPH:PIX has been unrolling with announcements these last few days, first with the news that Doctor Strange will be opening the festival, and now we know that this years retrospective will be on Neil Young.

The retrospective of works by musician and filmmaker Neil Young (who directs under the name Bernard Shakey) will include eight films ranging from 1974’s Journey to the Past to 2012’s A Day at the Gallery.

Furthermore, CPH:PIX will premiere several new and exciting Danish films, including one of our top picks for the year, Parents (read our interview with director Christian Tafdrup here).

The full list of Danish films premiering are:

  • Anti (dir. Morten BH)
  • Vindmøllernes Sus (dir. Mads Erichsen) 7th grader Thomas lives in a small city in Denmark. He’s in love with the schools tough girl, Vikki and to get close to her, he has to help her and a gang of older boys blow up their teachers bike. The head of the gang is Vikki’s boyfriend.
  • Nar Solen Skinner (dir. Frederik Barington) A young cancer patient and a charming hospice worker searches for his serenity with death, but is held back by her unresolved past and his impending death.
  • Afskaret (Anders Fløe) On her way to the Swedish highlands, 19-year old Sarah receives a disturbing text; a compromising sex video of her may be circulating the Internet. While determining the existence of this video, she has to keep it a secret from her parents. Matters take a turn for the worse, when Sarah realizes that their vacation farmhouse has no cell reception. She soon finds herself caught between her parents; they are drifting apart like her own life back home. Secrets cannot be hidden forever and when Sarah’s phone finally gains reception, it turns out that the viral video is the least of her problems.
  • Copenhague, a Love Story (dir. Phillippe Lesage) Copenhagen in autumn. The cold and often grey weather presides over this magnificent Northern city. The atmosphere is both festive and melancholic. A group of Danish film students and their French Canadian professor are involved in a series of romantic dramas where learning applies as much to life as it does to the art that seeks to imitate it.
  • Bakerman (dir. David Noel Bourke) Jens has a midlife crisis and chooses to settle some old debts.
  • De Vildfarne (dir. Dariusz Steiness)
  • Embryo (dir. Ulrich Thomsen) pictured Sean, a lone rider and drug dealer, is trapped in a world of sleaze-bags and easy women – until he meets Lilly – a mysterious beauty and soul mate. Yet, what was supposed to be a new beginning for them, turns out to be a fatal journey.
  • Shelley (dir. Ali Abassi)
  • 37 (dir. Puk Grasten)



Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.