The Norwegian documentary Mogadishu Soldier has been picked up by sales agency Cinephil.

Cinephil has an established relationship with the production company behind the documentary, Piraya Film, alongside co-producers Making Movies (Finland) and Wingman Media (Denmark).

Mogadishu Soldier, directed by Torstein Grude, explores life in war-torn Somalia through the eyes of two Burundian soldiers deployed there to fight the Islamist extremists Al-Shebaab. The director gave the soldiers a camera with instructions to film whatever they wanted, and a year later they came back with 523 tapes of material then edited by the award-winning editor Niels Pagh Andersen from a screenplay by Grude. Joshua Oppenheimer who acts as the executive producer said the film is an “urgent, haunting look at our secret wars, through the eyes of the men we use to fight them.”

Mogadishu Soldier is currently competing at the IDFA film festival in Amsterdam.