Cinema Scandinavia Publication: Press Release

Cinema Scandinavia has grown considerably large this year, building a large following and creating a name for itself in the world of Scandinavian cinema. In return, we have been working hard on expanding our services to fans of the films. This December, Cinema Scandinavia will be launching a new journal. The Cinema Scandinavia quarterly journal will contain in-depth analyses, reviews and interviews written to the highest quality by writers around the world.

1. New Logo and Website


First off, we have a new logo! It was made by the very talented Brett Lair from Canada, and Cinema Scandinavia recommends him for any graphic design work! (Be sure to mention Cinema Scandinavia sent you there). Visit his page here: http://www.brettlair.ca/

In addition to this, we have a fantastic new website that allows for a flow of information on Scandinavian cinema, and it is easy to search and locate information on your favourite films.


2. New Publication Formats and Online Store

With the change to quarterly, Cinema Scandinavia will now be released in various formats. With these comes the online store, which will make it fast and easy to download and obtain the Cinema Scandinavia publication. The formats will be:

  • Magazine Print: A physical version of Cinema Scandinavia will now be available to purchase and have delivered to your door. The printed version will have more articles than the website, as well as competitions, discounts, and overviews of Scandinavian cinema for the three month period. These will be strictly limited to a certain amount of copies. At the moment, the publication will be available through our online store, with a strong possibility of availability on Amazon and bookstores in major countries around the world. The printed publication will be available for the low price of $30USD plus shipping, and these are limited edition. The feel of the magazine will be similar to that of an A4 sized novel, with full colour illustration. The printed edition will be available for all issues from the 1st of December.
  • E-Book Format: The same magazine will also be made up in an e-book format for Apple and Kindle. Like the printed publication, there will be additional articles, competitions, and discounts. We are also working on putting Cinema Scandinavia on online stores, such as Amazon and iTunes. The e-books will be available for $10USD. E-books will be available for all issues from the 1st of December.
  • PDF Format: This will be the same as the e-book, but in a PDF format to be read on all electronic devices. Like the printed publication, there will be additional articles, competitions and discounts. The PDF magazines will be available for $5USD
  • Single article PDF: If you are writing a paper or needing information for academic purposes, it will be possible to download stylised PDF’s for referencing. The single articles will be available for $1USD.

Note: these prices are still under review and are subject to change.

Articles will be available to read on the website for free, just as they are now. Large discounts will be available all writers and contributors, and small discounts will be available for newsletter subscribers.

All publications will come with an ISSN, meaning they are suitable for research purposes and libraries. We are looking to have Cinema Scandinavia in University libraries, so email contribute@cinemascandinavia.com if you are able to achieve this.

We will also set up a subscription service, where you will receive printed issues or digital issues automatically and before they are officially released!

Issues 1-6 of Cinema Scandinavia are now available for purchase on the store. They are currently $0.50USD as we hope to get some orders while we trial the system. From the 1st of December, the price will rise to $5, so we suggest you grab a copy while they are cheap!

3. Writers and Writing Opportunities

There are a few changes to the way in which writing for Cinema Scandinavia works:

  • From now on, the website will only be publishing original news stories. For this reason, we are interested in allowing dedicated writers to have an account on the website and upload news stories as they please. If interested, contact contribute@cinemascandinavia.com
  • Over the last month Cinema Scandinavia has become popular for directors after reviews of their films. For this reason we are looking for continuous reviewers to post reviews online. Reviewers will have access to the films before release, and if the film is in cinemas there is a potential of Cinema Scandinavia covering the movie ticket cost so you can see it. If you are interested in being kept up to date on reviewing opportunities, email contribute@cinemascandinavia.com
  • Writers will receive a large discount on store purchases
  • Writers may request their articles only be available in publications. If this is approved, writers will receive either a printed publication or an e-book for free.
  • We are still looking for writers for the next issue. Articles are due on the 14th of November.

4. Newsletter

The newsletter will start again from this Friday, so please subscribe at the bottom of this page. With this, you will receive discounts to the online store (from the 1st of December)

5. We have Instagram!

Love movie posters as much as us? Or maybe it’s just Scandinavian design that you enjoy. Find Cinema Scandinavia on Instagram here: http://instagram.com/cinemascandinavia



We hope you are happy with the changes to Cinema Scandinavia. We are always trying to make the website better for our readers, and believe this is the best possible way to achieve high quality content that is ad-free.

If you have any problems with the changes, email Emma at emma@cinemascandinavia.com.

Thank you for being a follower of Cinema Scandinavia!

– Emma Robinson, editor



Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.