Chinese director to make Lapland film after finding inspiration from the Sami

Chinese director Mingfei Wang is set to make a film in the Finnish Lapland after finding inspiration from the region, GB Times reports.

After watching the 2007 film Christmas Story (pictured) Mingfei Wang read and watched anything about the Sami, and travelled to the region to discover the Sami culture. During her preliminary research, she noticed similarities between the Oroqen, a Chinese ethnic minority living in the north-eastern region of Inner Mongolia. In the local language, ‘Oroqen’ means ‘people who use reindeer’ and they practise shamanism, an occupation and religion also in Sami culture.

Her film will be based on the Oroquen minority, touching on themes of environmental problems and climate change. The leader is finding that due to these issues, there are no animals longer living there. He spots a Santa Claus poster with reindeer, and the story takes off from there.

There have been a number of Chinese-Finnish co-productions recently; most notably the Iron Sky franchise. Mingfei Wang stated in the article that she is hoping to receive funding from Lapland commissions.

Read the full article: http://gbtimes.com/life/finlands-sami-inspire-chinese-director-make-lapland-film

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Emma Vestrheim

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