The relationship between parents and children is very complex. Provided always that the family is the basic pillar in the life of the child, they are responsible for the education, development, security and affection.

The feelings can mark a life, both the positive side and the negative side, depending on the way they were transmitted. The children are always seeking to find support, information, and everything else in their parents. However, these are not always willing to ‘waste time’ with the famous ‘kid stuff’. Then later on when problems appear, there comes repentance and you ask yourself . . .


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Paulo Antunes studied Art Studies at the University of Algarve in Faro, Portugal. He has worked in many different areas, from picking fruit to being a waiter in a restaurant, but has always had a passion for film and music. He has participated in the organisation of two film culture shows: the 5th Filmic Culture with the theme of the importance of music in the cinema, and the 2nd Filmic Culture with the theme of the theory of Superman. He completed a traineeship in CIAC and was also the manager of a Portuguese punk rock band named Defying Control. Currently he works on various film projects.