Cast announced for the upcoming Astrid Lindgren film, ‘Young Astrid’

Yesterday production started for the upcoming film Young Astrid, directed by Pernille Fischer Christensen.

The film is a personal tribute to Astrid Lindgren, a Swedish author best known for Pippi Longstocking. Starting when Astrid Lindgren was a young girl, the film will highlight an event that affected her fundamentally; a combination of miracles and mishap that shaped her life. She then went on to become one of the most innovative women of her time.

Young Astrid will star Alba August as Astrid Lindgren, and in other supporting roles are Maria Bonnevie, Magnus Krepper, Trine Dyrholm, Henrik Rafaelsen and Björn Gustafsson. Alba August has previously had roles in Förtroligheten (2013), IRL (2013), Dryads (2015) and in the fall of 2016, she played The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant at the Malmö City Theater. She also has a role in the thriller series Gidseltagningen which will premiere in Denmark on Sunday.

Pernille Fischer Christensen has directed films such as A Song from the Heart (2014), The Family (2010), Boys and Girls Dancing (2008) and A Soap (2006).

Young Astrid is produced by Anna Anthony of Avanti Film and Lars G Lindström at Nordisk Film in co-production with Film i Väst and many others. The film will be released in 2018.

Translated from Film i Vast article.

Image: Alba August (source: Film i Väst)



Emma Vestrheim

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