Carsten Bjørnlund and Sofia Helin starring in new sci-fi film

Nordic Noir stars Carsten Bjørnlund (The Legacy) and Sofia Helin (The Bridge) are starring in a new sci-fi film titled Qeda, nordicfilmandtvnews.com reports.

The film, which is directed by Max Kestner, is set in the year 2095, where the oceans have risen and freshwater is nowhere to be found. Fang Rung (Bjørnlund) has undergone molecular fission in order to send his other half – code name Gordon Thomas – back in time to the year 2017. Once back in time, he goes in search of scientist Mona Lindkvist (Helin), whose groundbreaking research was lost before it could save the world. When Fang Rung loses contact with Gordon, he sees no alternative but to travel back to 2017 to try to locate his other half before the world’s balances are irreparably damaged.

Qeda has a distinctively American feel about it and we hope, like The Wave, that it maintains a Nordic charm to place it head and shoulders above the rest.

The film will be directed by Max Kestner, who has previously directed the documentary Amateurs in Space. Cast members include Marijana Jankovic (Norskov) Stina Ekblad (Thicker than Water) and Dragomir Mrsic (Easy Money).

Qeda is produced by SF Studios Denmark and co-produced by Sweden’s Tre Vänner, Finland’s Yellow Film & TV in collaboration with Nordisk Film Shortcut, Chimney and Red Rental Ystad and support from the Danish Film Institute, DR, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, the Swedish Film Institute, the Finnish Film Foundation, SVT, YLE and Creative Europe.

Qeda will be released in Danish cinemas this August. The English-language title will be Man Divided.

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Image: Christian Geisnaes

Emma Vestrheim

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