Cannes 2014: Market Boss Says What to Expect


The Nordisk Film and TV Fond spoke with Jérôme Paillard about trends and tips expected at Cannes this year. Click here to read it or you can just look below.

What are the latest figures for the 2014 Cannes Market?
Jérôme Paillard: This year we will have more than 12,000 participants, with a particularly strong increase in attendance from China that is now the fifth biggest country registered after the US, France, the UK and Germany. Registrations from exhibitors at the Marché, the Village International and the Riviera are full with more than 1,000 companies and 400 stands/offices including 300 around the Palais and a hundred others split between apartments and hotels. In terms of buyers, we have 1850 national distributors registered plus 150 VOD buyers.

Has the political crisis in many parts of the world including the conflict between Russia and Ukraine had an impact on their attendance at the Market?
 Regarding Ukraine, the international film community has expressed its strong solidarity towards their film organisations, such as festival and we are very pleased to welcome the Ukrainian pavilion at the International Village. For the countries that encounter economic or political difficulties, coming to Cannes and being represented by a national Pavilion is all the more important and a true symbol.

What are the novelties at the Market this year?
 Each year we try to anticipate on future trends and opportunities for the large number of producers and distributors in attendance, and confront people’s experiences. In 2013 Transmedia was in the spotlight. This year we focus on new models in production and financing (crowd-funding) and in distribution with self-distribution and cinema on demand. This area in particular is very interesting, an experiment increasingly popular in the UK, the US, the Netherlands and France, that could eventually turn into a true alternative for arthouse films that struggle to find distribution outlets.
NEXT is therefore a privileged meeting place at the Village International Pantiero where we will organise workshops and introduce new initiatives and case studies.

The second major novelty this year is MIXER. Every year we conduct online research after the Market and last year some distributors asked for more networking events on special themes. So we’ve decided to introduce three Mix and mingle events in collaboration with Plage des Festivals: the ‘Fantastic Mixer’ for horror and fantasy specialists, ‘Asia Mixer’ with top Asiatic buyers and the ‘Cinando Mixer’ for Cinando ‘geeks to celebrate the web tool’s 10th anniversary. We expect around 500 people at each event and matchmakers will be there to get people together.

Based on your Market figures, have you noticed other trends in global filmmaking?
JP: Well documentary filmmaking remains at a very high level representing 16% of the titles at the Market. However 3D seems to be stagnating. We have 138 titles in 3D including 80 finished films and 35 screening.

What practical tips would you give young producers attending the Market for the first time….besides bringing an umbrella, good shoes and a charger for the mobile☺?
Apply for the Producers’ Workshop. This is where you can learn really fast the key ropes of your trade and get answers to practical and strategic issues such as how to approach a sales agent or an international co-production.

Come prepared. The 10 days of Cannes go very fast, so try to make the most out of it by preparing yourself in advance.

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.