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The Icelandic director Benedikt Erlingsson has announced his next film will be a feature driven by women, Variety reports.

The film, which is currently untitled, will take place over three periods of time: the antiquity, the 1970s and 2077. It will follow women involved in battles over gender equality in show business.

Erlingsson’s new film Woman at War is currently having its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Variety describes it as one of the most ‘feminist movies hitting Cannes this year’ as its female lead Halla, a middle-age women, embarks on an environmental mission to protect the highlands of Iceland while struggling to fulfil her desire to become a mother.

His next film is supposed to show that gender equality has always been an issue in show business, a topic no doubt big at the moment due to the #metoo movement.

The untitled film will have French producers Marianne Slot and Carine Leblanc from Slot.

Benedikt Erlingsson is best known for his film Of Horses and Men