‘As It Is in Heaven’ Staged as a Musical in Sweden

Swedish film As It Is in Heaven (Så som i himmelen in Swedish) will hit the stage as a form musical at Stockholm’s Oscarsteatern in September 2018.

Kay Pollak’s film As It is Heaven makes a sort of comeback by being adapted to stage. The premiere of the musical will take places at Oscarsteatern in Stockholm 13 September 2018. The script is written by Kay and Carin Pollak, and the piece is produced by Vicky och Johan von der Lancken. There is already a discussion about a tour abroad after its final performance in Sweden.

The musical, just as the film, will have a strong focus on the peculiarities of the characters’ home in Norrland. Kay Pollak says the piece should be imagined as a Swedish Puccini. It’s about both pain and love. “The character named Arne, portrayed by Lennart Jähkel in the film, is going to get his own song, for sure”, says Johan von der Lancken.

The film was an international hit more then a decade ago and was also was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year back in 2005. The main character is played by acclaimed Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist who died in June after a battle with cancer.

Photo: Everett Collection / IBL Bildbyrå

Source: DN.se

Barbara Majsa

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