ÁRTÚN wins Best Short Film at SPOT Festival and a Special Mention at Minimalen


From the Iceland Film Centre:

Ártún, the most recent short film by Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson, won for Best Short Film at the SPOT Festival and received a Special Mention award at Minimalen Short film Festival. The SPOT Festival took place in Aarhus, Denmark from April 30 – May 3 and Minimalen took place in Trondheim, Norway from April 22 – 26.

Ártún has now won six international awards since it premiered last October at the Reykjavík International Film Festival, the other four being the Gold Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival, the top prize at the Brest European Short Film Festival, the top prize at the FEC Festival in Reus, Spain and a Special Jury Prize at the RiverRun International Film Festival.Ártún has now been selected for more than 25 international film festivals. It was also nominated for an Icelandic Academy Award for best production design (Linda Stefánsdóttir).

Ártún is about a young boy who wants to have his first kiss but has no luck in the small village he lives in. His best friends tell him about girls in the city that get high and easy to make out with when they smoke cigarettes. He questions their story but still decides to join them to the city and find out for himself.

Ártún was written and directed by Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson and was produced by Anton Máni Svansson for Join Motion Pictures in association with Sagafilm and the Danish production company Fourhands Films. It is co-produced by Rúnar Rúnarsson and shot by Sturla Brandth Grovlen. Brandth Grovlen recently won a Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution at the Berlin International Film Festival, for the film Victoria, a 140-minute drama shot in a long single take.

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Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.