All the #Bergman100 events happening globally

This year marks 100 years since Ingmar Bergman was born. To celebrate, countries around the globe are hosting Bergman-themed events to celebrate the Swedish filmmakers life and work.

We’ll be releasing a special Ingmar Bergman-themed magazine in June. If you want to contribute, head to our ‘Write for Us’ page here. 

Here’s the list of events taking place throughout the year. For more information, head to http://www.ingmarbergman.se.




  • The Mostra International Film Festival in São Paulo, Brazil, will screen select Bergman films in October. 



  • After the Rehearsal/Persona plays at the  Santiago a Mil International Theatre Festival in Santiago. 


  • The China Film Archive will screen Bergman films during the Beijing International Film Festival in April. 
  • A Bergman retrospective is being held at the Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda in Santiago between February and March. 
  • The Shanghai International Film Festival screens select Bergman films during its event in June. 


Czech Republic


  • Scenes From a Marriage is currently on the stage at the Royal Danish Theatre and will be until the end of March.
  • The Danish Film Institute will hold a retrospective on Bergman in August. 


  • A Bergman retrospective is being held at the Finnish National Audiovisual Institute in Helsinki all year. 
  • The opening ceremony of the Year of Bergman at Hanaholmen Cultural Centre takes place in Esbo in January. 
  • Scenes From a Marriage is on the stage at Hämeenlinnan Teatteri in January, and has live music!
  • Autumn Sonata will be on the stage at the International Theatre of Finland in Espoo from February until March. 
  • Jörn Donner’s film on Ingmar Bergman has its Finnish premiere on Bergman’s birthday.
  • Autumn Sonata will be on the stage at the Kuopio City Theatre in Koupio in September. 


  • Scenes From a Marriage takes to the stage in January in Bastia. 
  • Scenes From a Marriage will also be on the stage at the Théâtre des Cordeliers in Annonay in January. 
  • Scenes From a Marriage will also be on the stage at Propriano in January. 
  • Scenes From a Marriage is on the stage at Boulogne-sur-Mer in January. 
  • Scenes From a Marriage takes to the stage in Noisy-le-Grand in January. 
  • Scenes From a Marriage is on the stage in Les Sables-d’Olonne in January. 
  • Scenes From a Marriage is on the stage in Mérignac in January. 
  • Scenes From a Marriage is on the stage in Mont de Marsan in January. 
  • Scenes From a Marriage is on the stage in Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire in January. 
  • Scenes From a Marriage is on the stage in Saint-Louis in January. 
  • Scenes From a Marriage is on the stage in Moulins in January.
  • Scenes From a Marriage is on the stage in Toulon in February. 
  • Festival Nordique in Paris will show the Bergman dance film Ingmar Bergman: Through a Choreographers Eyes. 
  • Concernant Bergman will be held in May. A tribute to Ingmar Bergman the writer, this performance based on a montage of scripts is produced by STAN. The premiere takes place here, in Toulouse, and then heads out on tour.
  • A new dance performance by Mats Ek, Johan Inger and Alexander Ekman will be held in Paris in June. 
  • A Bergman retrospective takes place at the La Cinémathèque française in Paris in September. 


Hong Kong


  • A retrospective is being held in Rome at the Experimental Cinematography Centre between January and March. 
  • A collection of Bergman films will be held at the Nordic Film Fest in Rome in May. 
  • The Bergamo Film Meeting will hold a retrospective on the films of Liv Ullmann. 



  • Scenes From a Marriage takes to the stage at the Théâtre Princesse Grace in February.


  • An updated version of Birgitta Steene’s Ingmar Bergman: A Reference Guide will be released in June. 




  • The Transilvania International Film Festival screens Bergman films from May.



  • The Slovenian Cinematheque is arranging a Bergman retrospective in October. 



  • Bergman ‘tidbits’ will be shown on Swedish TV in December. 
  • An exhibition on the costumes used in Bergman’s films is being held at the The Hallwyl Museum until the end of March.
  • A retrospective is being held all year at the Swedish Cinematheque in Stockholm.
  • A new edition of Leif Zern’s book Se Bergman from 1993 will be released in Sweden. 
  • Bergman-themed guided tours are being held at Filmstaden, where many of Bergman’s films were made. This runs until the end of November. 
  • A podcast from Swedish Radio will feature interviews with filmmakers about Bergman as well as discussions about Bergman all year round. 
  • The Gothenburg Film Festival features a special section on Bergman. 
  • A new book about Ingmar Bergman as an author will be released from the CEO of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation. It is the first book to ever focus solely on the authorship of one of the world’s most influential filmmakers, writings which have previously remained as a side note of Bergman’s work.
  • A Bergman quiz will be held in January at the Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm. 
  • An exhibition on Bergman will be at the Filmstaden from April until August. 
  • A discussion titled ‘In conversation: Working with Bergman’ will take place at the Hallwyl Museum in March. 
  • A book about about the auctioning of the Ingmar Bergman estate will be released in March. 
  • A lecture titled ‘Tea Salon: Bergman and Music’ will take place at the Hallwyl Museum in February. 
  • New Bergman publications will be released in February. 

  • A dance performance titled ‘Ingmar Bergman Through the Choreographer’s Eye’ will take place in Luleå in February.
  • A discussion called ‘In conversation: Depicting the early 1900s’ takes place at the Hallwyl Museum in February.
  • Stockholm Design Week will feature an exhibition of furniture produced by design students from Träcentrum, who were inspired by Ingmar Bergman when creating their initial designs. In the evenings, the films which inspired the students will be screened at Klarabiografen at the Stockholm House of Culture. This takes place in February.
  • A performance about the music of Bergman will take place at the Göteborgs Konserthus in February. 
  • An academic conference arranged by the Centre for Languages and Literature at Lund University will discuss Bergman and takes place in June. 
  • A new book called ‘Everyone’s Talking About Bergman’ will be released in June. 
  • Bergman exhibition at the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts in Stockholm from June. 
  • Bergman Week in Fårö will have special events for the Bergman100. The event takes place in June and July. 
  • The Tones of a Summer Night is a Swedish/French music festival that will take place in July. 
  • Throughout July Swedish television will air Bergman’s films.
  • Production begins on Fårö island in July for director Mia Hansen-Løve’s new film Bergman Island featuring Greta Gerwig, Mia Wasikowska and John Turturro.
  • The Ingmar Bergman International Theatre Festival will focus on Bergman100 during its event in August. 
  • Jane Magnusson’s documentary Bergman will be released in August. 
  • Pernilla August directs Linn Ullmann’s best-selling novel Unquiet at the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre from August until December. 
  • A selection of Bergman’s writings will be published in September. 
  • Teater Giljotin will take Autumn Sonata to the stage in September. 
  • Bergman films will be shown at the Uppsala International Short Film Festival in October. 
  • The Best of Norden will use Bergman as the theme for their event in October. 
  • The 100-year anniversary of Ingmar Bergman’s birth provides the theme for the sixth annual All Light in Uppsala Festival in November. 
  • Annual conference on Ingmar Bergman, including a film screening, at Hedvig Eleonora Church in Stockholm in November. 
  • Eva Bergman, Ingmar Bergman’s daughter, directs Fanny and Alexander at Göteborgs Stadsteater throughout December. 


  • Scenes From a Marriage takes to the stage in Villars-sur-Glâne in January. 

United Kingdom

United States

  • A retrospective will be held at the Berkeley Art Museum
    & Pacific Film Archive in February.
  • An exhibition on Fanny and Alexander takes place at the House of Sweden in Washington DC from March until May. 
  • A Bergman retrospective will be held at the California Film Institute in San Rafael throughout March. 
  • A retrospective is being held in Seattle until mid-March. 
  • After the Rehearsal/Persona will be performed in Washington at the Kennedy Centre in April. 
  • Criterion will be distributing new copies of Bergman films to cinemas across the United States.
  • The American Film Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland, arranges a Bergman retrospective, kicking off with the productive year of 1957. The event takes place throughout July. 
  • The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC arranges a Bergman retrospective of works up to 1957 in July. 
  • Bergman films will be screened at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York in September. 
Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.