About Cinema Scandinavia

Cinema Scandinavia is an independent website and magazine dedicated to discussing Nordic film and television in English. Focusing on the art and style, as well as current trends in Nordic film and television, Cinema Scandinavia publishes high-quality news stories, essays, interviews and reviews aimed at giving Nordic film and television a voice abroad.

Up until very recently, Nordic cinema was focused entirely on the local market and was seldom exported. Since the growth of Nordic Noir and high-quality films, every year more and more films and television series are being discovered abroad.

Independent from film funds, film institutes, production companies, and the region’s cultures, Cinema Scandinavia provides a ‘hub’ for fans around the globe looking to discover this new wave of Nordic content.

Our magazine is printed quarterly and is centralised on a theme that is trending in contemporary cinema. Our magazine is edited and printed to the highest quality and contains interviews, reviews and essays that can be used by film fans, students, or industry professionals.

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About the Editors

Emma Vestrheim: Editor-in-chief

For all Nordic releases, contact Emma. 

Email: emma@cinemascandinavia.com

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief and founder of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Emma now resides in Bergen, Norway and works freelance in various areas of Scandinavian cinema. She is the teacher of Scandinavian Film Genre at the University of Oslo International Summer School and has also worked with film festivals, including the Scandinavian Film Festival in Australia. She is currently writing a book with Luis Antunes on Arctic Cinema.

Barbara Majsa: Managing Editor

For all Swedish releases, contact Barbara. 

Email: barbara@cinemascandinavia.com

Barbara Majsa is the managing editor with a focus on Sweden. Originally from Hungary, she now resides in Stockholm, Sweden, where she is taking Cinema Studies at Stockholm University. Barbara is a journalist, an editor and a film critic working in the field of journalism for nearly 8 years. She mainly does interviews with film-makers, designers, journalists, authors, musicians and other talented people from all over the world. Her main interests are human rights, film festivals, activism, media power, politics, design, typography, Scandinavia / the Nordic countries, and she tends deal with artistic and cultural products that are related to one or all of these subjects.