A Snowy Bridge Between Past and Present: The Rise of Sami Cinema

Despite the discrimination and segregation of the Sami people and their cultural identity - an ongoing issue for several centuries - over the last few decades the production of feature films and documentaries has shown a new, powerful way for indigenous people across the globe to find their voice and gradually begin to revive their cultural heritage.

At the largest and one of the most popular indigenous festivals in the world, ImagiNATIVE and Media art held in Toronto, Canada, as well as at the Sami Film Festival in Guovdageaidnu, Norway with its unique snowmobile drive . . .


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Judit Hollos

Judit Katalin Hollos is a Hungarian teacher, writer, translator and freelance actress. She was educated at Budapest University, majoring in Swedish literature and language. Her articles, short stories, poems and translations have been featured in Hungarian and in English in anthologies and literary magazines both in Hungary and abroad.