A New Initiative Launched in West Sweden

During the Västsvenska Filmdagarna (West Swedish Film Days) between 13–14 October a new initiative called Manusfabriken was launched to create a platform for screenwriters and writer-directors. The aim is to highlight writers in the region as well as to make room for co-operations and collaborations between them.

The idea of launching Manusfabriken comes from director Emiliano Goessens (30 grader i februari, Blå ögon, Molanders) and producer Frida Hallberg. They have worked on script development before, so they hardly want to conquer an unknown territory. Manusfabriken is supported by Gothenburg’s Kulturförvaltning (Culture Management) and Lindholmen Science Park, which one can also contact to ask for support in terms of project management and administration.

West Sweden with Film i Väst is already on the map concerning the Swedish film industry, and Gothenburg has also contributed to the international success of Swedish films, however, with this new initiative Gothenburg is able to become a more significant player in the field of cinema on both national and international level.

‘It is important to demonstrate that there ARE screenwriters in Gothenburg. When I talk to people they all think I live in Stockholm, but not everything happens there’, said Åsa Lantz, who is known for SVT’s drama production entitled Det mest förbjudna.

It’s definitely a long-term project, which is run by Lindholmen Science Park, and part of Gothenburg’s long-lasting investment to establish Gothenburg as a town of film. The initial sum of investment is 1.5 million Swedish crowns in 3 years. All the eight founding members are well-established film-makers who have worked on some of the greatest Swedish drama productions in recent years.

Manusfabriken is a movement that is based on feedback given by writers to one another. We believe that a script becomes the best if it is developed together with other writers regardless of which phase of development one finds herself or himself in. Manusfabriken offers a model that has the economic conditions to get there. At the same time it is a way to utilise the great potentials found in the region, and develop them even further. We want to make Gothenburg a screenwriting town’, said Emiliano Goessens and Frida Hallberg.

Marit Kapla, the project leader at Lindholmen Science Park, added, ‘Lindholmen’s project financial report made in the spring showed the tendency that everyone in the [film] branch complained of the lack of experienced screenwriters. Manusfabriken is a way to fix this issue – through collective script development, competence development and being collectively presented to the world on the webpage.’

Åsa Lantz (Det mest förbjudna, Selma, Solisterna), Niclas Ekström (30 grader i februari, Molanders, Starke man), Lovisa Löwhagen (Hashtag, Andra avenyn, Starke man), Morgan Jensen (Tjockare än vatten, Medicinmannen, Hassel), Petra Revenue (Blå ögon, Isdraken, Wallander), Oskar Söderlund (Ettor & nollor, Offside, Simon och Ekarna), Gabriela Pichler (Äta sova dö, Skrapsår).



Photo: Manusfabriken.se

Source: FilmCloud.se

Barbara Majsa

Barbara is a journalist, editor and film critic. She usually does interviews with film-makers, artists, designers, and writes about cinema, design and books.