15 Projects selected for Nordic Talents

Last Friday the Nordisk Film & TV Fond unveiled the list of Nordic graduation students and their projects running for the NOK250,000 Pitch Prize and NOK 50,000 Special Mention Prize at Nordic Talent, which takes place between the 31st of August and 2nd of September.

The Norwegian Film School had the largest number of projects- 5 –  including Changeling, a TV series about a normal 13-year old troll, co-written by Harald Mæle jr (Crack, Back & Sack/Pornopung) and Kjersti Wøien Håland.

The National Film School of Denmark comes next with four animation projects, followed by ELO Helsinki Film School of Aalto University with three projects including Scenes from a Dying Town by Kaisa El Ramly, who’s short film A Seat with a View (2014) was selected at various festivals.

Valand Academy of Gothenburg is represented by Mika Gustafson’s feature project Sisters and Westerdals Oslo ACT school by When the Sky Falls Down, pitched by director Luise Nes and producer Synne R. Krumins, while Icelandic born Ugla Hauksdóttir who studied at New York’s Columbia University will pitch the feature project House of Cards. Hauksdóttir has already worked professionally as a photographer, editor, and production assistant on large-scale productions such as the Tom Cruise blockbuster Oblivion. 

This year’s Nordic Talents jury comprises Norwegian director/writer Sara Johnsen (Upperdog), Danish animation director/comics artist Anders Morgenthaler (Princess), Swedishproducer Lars Blomgren of Filmlance International (Bron), Finnish writer/producer Petja Peltomaa of Yellow Film & TV (Nurses) and Kristina Trapp, Head of the EAVE.

Full list of projects to be pitched

  • House of Cards, feature film, writer/director Ugla Hauksdóttir (N.Y. Columbia University School of the Arts).
  • Scenes from a Dying Town, feature film, writer/director/producer Kaisa el Ramly (ELO Helsinki Film School).
  • Daddy’s Girl (feature film). Piched by writer/director Julia Lindström and writer Amy Black Ndiaye, Norwegian Film School.
  • Small, Cute and Hungry (TV series). Pitched by writer Marta Huglen Revheim, Norwegian Film School.
  • Journey (animated feature). Pitched by director Mads Guldborg Bøge, National Film School of Denmark.
  • EBBA (feature film). Pitched by writer/director Johanna Pyykkö and writer Jørgen Færøy Flasnes, Norwegian Film School.
  • Changeling (TV series). Pitched by writers Harald Mæle jr and Kjersti Wøien Håland (Norwegian Film School).
  • Dagny (animated TV series). Pitched by director Peter Lopes Andersson, National Film School of Denmark.
  • World of Lost (animated feature). Pitched by writer/director Morten Zachariassen, National Film School of Denmark.
  • Generation Mars (feature film). Pitched by director Alexander Turpin, Norwegian Film School.
  • Deleted Scenes (feature film). Pitched by writer/director Paula Korva, ELO Helsinki Film School.
  • When the Sky Falls Down (feature film). Pitched by director Luise Nes and producer Synne R. Krumins, Westerdals Oslo ACT.
  • The Animals-A Struggle through Trouble!, animation TV series, director Amalie Næsby (National Film School of Denmark).
  • Goodbye Soviet Union (feature film). Pitched by writer/director Lauri Randla, ELO Helsinki Film School.
  • Sisters (feature film). Pitched by writer/director Mika Gustafson (Valand Academy, Gothenburg).
Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.