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The Nordisk Film & TV Fond is backing Lars von Trier’s new television series


The Nordisk Film and TV Fond has announced it will support the upcoming television series from Lars von Trier, titled The House That Jack Built. This eight-part English-language series is about an intelligent hired murderer, Jack, whom he follows over twelve years, introducing the murders and his development into a serial killer.

The series will be produced by Louise Vesth of Zentropa Entertainments and no cast members have been announced.

The Nordisk Film & TV Fond is also backing the third adaptation of Finnish author Väinö Linna’s 1954 novel The Unknown Soldier, which is due for release in December next year when Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary of independence. Lastly, the fund is also backing Swedish director Carl Javer’s Reconstructing Utøya, which is the first documentary about the 22 July 2011 terrorist massacre in Oslo on the island of Utøya in Norway where Anders Breivik killed 77 people.